Kahl Wallis

Lead singer and songwriter for indie/alternative band The Medics, environmental and social activist, storyteller, and now solo performer, Kahl Wallis is a young Aboriginal First Nation Artist man on a mission. He is releasing his debut solo work this year with clear messages that speak to the core values of humanity – his powerful voice will not be silenced.

Living Artefact: Luka Lesson + Kahl Wallis Concert Sat 26 Aug 730pm Judith Wright Centre BOOK

Between recording as a solo artist, touring, participating in community projects, Kahl also works as a music mentor and song writing facilitator with youth empowerment organisations and communities, delivering workshops to Indigenous children in remote communities. Kahl identifies with his grandfather’s country, the Wuthathi Nation from the white sands of Shelburne Bay in Cape York Peninsula, and his Grandmothers mob, the Lardil people from Mornington Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria. He takes his last name ‘Wallis’ from his great-great-grandfather of the Polynesian islands of Wallis and Futuna.