Juan Garrido Salgado

Juan Garrido Salgado immigrated to Australia from Chile in 1990, fleeing the regime that burned his poetry and imprisoned and tortured him for his political activism. He is an honorary mem- ber of Writing Through Fences who’s work has inspired many with- in the group. Juan has published six books of poetry, and he has published poetry widely in journals and anthologies. He is also a translator of Australians poets and Aboriginal poets for Espejo deTierra/ Earth Mirror a poetry anthology edited by Peter Minter (2008). With Steve Brock and Sergio Holas, He translated poems from Spanish into English for ‘Poetry of the Earth: Mapuche Trilingual Anthology’ with Steve Brock and Sergio Holas.

Through The Moon: Performance Sat 26 Aug 1-2pm BEMAC, Free INFO

Poetry and Displacement: Panel Sat 26 Aug 230-330pm BEMAC, Free INFO