Adele Pickvance

Adele Pickvance is one of the most loved and respected musicians in the Australian music community. She is best known as the bass player for the second incarnation of The Go-Betweens  and for being Robert Forster’s  and Grant McLennan’s  musical comrade since the mid 90’s. Adele comes from a family of working musicians from the town of Bury in the Northwest of England and was 15 years old when her family migrated to Brisbane. As well as The Go-Betweens,  Adele has performed and recorded with bands such as The Dave Graney Show, Clare Moore , Billy Miller  from The Ferrets, The Far Out Corporation, Ranger  and currently The Mumps. In 2012, Adele and Glenn Thompson  (Custard ) who were the rhythm section of the The Go-Betweens, released the album Carrington Street  under the name of Adele&Glenn . It was picked up by German Record Label Glitterhouse Records. All are further highlights from a dynamic creative life.

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